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#CarefreeBlackWoman: One Day At A Time

Supposedly I am a cynic, but in reality I am a pretty chill gal. I dig indie alternative/soul/hip-hop, films, Netflix/Hulu Plus/HBOGo, pop culture, novels, newspapers, witty conversations, and the list goes on. I used to be told I'm not your average black girl, and it used to be badge. Now it's just a reminder by how ignorant, small minded, and racist folks are. Trying to live carefree, but it's difficult when everything around you tells you otherwise.

My name's Bianca, a 23 year-old college graduate and forever an intern.

daughterofassata replied to your post: Waiting for this Brownie to kick in so…

Stock up on canned beans and turkey sausage and apple sauce and potatoes for mashed potatoes and ramen and green juice and water and ginger ale

I got some of that, but I’m definitely going to stock up! Thanks for the tips, I’m mad concern about the food point…I’m getting the two upper ones taken out D:

wisdom teeth are the worst😣

The really are!. One is killing me. I’m getting two taken out on Tuesday.

Waiting for this Brownie to kick in so I can write, watch Bob’s Burgers, and then fall asleep.

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All these Youtube prankers are habitual line steppers who think they’re immune to any criticism. They’re harassing black people; sexually harassing women; and whatever, all in the name of ‘entertainment’. It’s sad.

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